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Thread: LOTRO: Looking for a new Kinship?

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    Default LOTRO: Looking for a new Kinship?

    Members and non-members - Follow us on Facebook!

    The Brandywine Brewing Co was formed with just three simple goals in mind:

    Have fun, be social and help each other!

    Now in our Seventh year, we're one of the largest, most active and most respected kinships in LOTRO.

    Obviously, you are here because you are looking for a new kinship and we thank you for considering "The BBC". Choose carefully - the kinship you join will have a big impact on your enjoyment of the game. The first question you should ask yourself is what YOU are looking for in a kinship.

    Here's what The BBC is:

    Fun and Social: We encourage folks to be social in kin chat and in vent. Greet each other, discuss the game and anything else that's on your mind. Don't take it too seriously - we are here to have fun and escape seriousness!

    Helpful: The most important criteria in selecting members and officers is: "Do you love playing the game and helping others?". You'll find that the BBC has a large base of LOTRO vets (many have played since the game debuted in 2007) who can answer pretty much any game question you can think of. There are fellowships, loot runs and raids happening contstantly. As with any Guild/Kinship - what you get out of it depends on what you put in. Being helpful is a two-way street. If people see you offering assistance they're more likely to provide it to you!

    Mature: That doesn't mean we have an age requirement - we accept *mature* players of any age. This game is rated 'Teen' and our kin-chat/vent follows similar guidelines. We aren't saying no one can ever vent frustraton or say a 'bad word' but we are saying there won't be a stream of it in kin chat or vent. This game is all about rich, creative dialogue...let's respect that!

    Friendly: We ask that you not only treat your kinmates with respect, but that you do the same with everyone you encounter on Middle Earth. Each one of us represents The BBC and because our members often go out of their way to help non-kin, we have a very positive reputation.

    Active: We aren't the largest kin on the server - but we are among the most active. One of the few rules that we have is that characters must log in once every 60 days in order to remain in the kinship. That means the people you see in the roster are people you'll actually see playing the game.

    Organized: We have a very deep website with some of the best LOTRO information and discussion that you'll find anywhere. As a member, you are encouraged to register and contribute! The site also features a raid scheduling app that will allow folks to sign up for running group content in the game. We also have a 40 slot vent server that all members (and their friends) are welcome to use for grouping or just to chat.

    What BBC is NOT:

    Hardcore: We are, at the root, a more casual kinship. It doesn't mean we don't tackle pretty much everything the game has to offer - but it does mean we aren't on a rushed schedule to do it. If your goal is to get through the hardest challenges and get the best loot as quick as possible, while there's nothing wrong with that, we are not that type of kin.

    What you'll find within the kinship:

    - Seasoned vets with incredible knowledge of the game.
    - Fun and social kinmates with little drama
    - Plenty of folks online to get to know and enjoy content with
    - A huge stable of crafters who can craft pretty much anything in the game for you
    - A number of strong raiders who can not only help you get into the hardest content, but also help you prepare your toon(s) for it by offering advice and answers in-game and on this website.
    - Regular kinship events where there are lots of fun and games (and huge amounts of loot to win!)

    What we expect from you:

    - Whenever possible, look within the kinship first for help with questing/group content.
    - Offer at least as much help as you'd like to get in return.
    - Be sociable in kin chat and in vent.
    - Participate on our website.
    - Represent our kin well in your travels and keep and eye out for new recruits.
    - If you encounter a problem in the kin..before you /ragequit - talk it out with the leader or and officer.
    - If you have a criticism, we'd love to hear it - along with your idea for a solution!

    If you'd like to become BBC newest member, please contact one of our officers for an invite!

    Thanks again for considering The Brandywine Brewing Co and whether its our kin or another - we hope you find a great fit for yourself.

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