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Thread: SWTOR Operation Loot Drop List

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    Tiberion Guest

    Post SWTOR Operation Loot Drop List

    Tionese/Xenotech/Energized = “Tier 1”
    Columi/Exotech = “Tier 2”
    Rakata = “Tier 3”
    Eternity Vault – Normal Mode
    • Annihilation Droid XRR-3: Columi gloves, Energized headpiece
    • Gharj: Columi offhand, Tionese belt
    • Pylon: Columi pants, Tionese bracers
    • Infernal Council: Columi boots, Relic w/ on use
    • Soa: Columi chest, Tionese Mainhand
    Eternity Vault – Hard Mode
    • Annihilation Droid XRR-3: Rakata gloves, Exotech headpiece
    • Gharj: Rakata offhand, Columi belt, Columi implant
    • Pylon: Rakata pants, Columi bracers
    • Infernal Council: Rakata boots, Relic w/ on use
    • Soa: Rakata chest, Columi Mainhand
    Karagga’s Palace – Normal Mode
    • Bonetrasher: Columi headpiece, Xenotech gloves
    • Jarg and Sorno: Columi belt, Tionese offhand
    • Foreman Crusher: Columi bracers, Xenotech pants
    • G4-BC Heavy Fabricator: Xenotech boots, Relic w/ procs
    • Karagga the Fatty: Columi mainhand, Xenotech chest
    Karagga’s Palace – Hard Mode
    • Bonetrasher: Rakata headpiece, Exotech gloves
    • Jarg and Sorno: Rakata belt, Columi offhand
    • Foreman Crusher: Rakata bracers, Exotech pants
    • G4-BC Heavy Fabricator: Exotech boots, Relic w/ procs
    • Karagga the Fatty: Rakata mainhand, Exotech chest

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    Exterm Guest


    thought I'd do an update to this thanks again to Dulfy http://dulfy.net/2012/01/21/operation-loot-list/

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