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Thread: New Members - Must Read

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    Default New Members - Must Read

    The BBC Charter:
    All new recruits must read before being promoted to member.

    The BBC is here to serve three purposes: Be fun, social, and help each other.

    When you log in, say 'Hello' in Guild chat and get to know people. Be there for them and they'll be there for you!
    We're here to help each other with questing, sharing resources, raids, deeds, crafting and just about anything else

    Please treat your guild with respect and represent the BBC well in your travels.
    There's a difference between sharing and begging - we are not about powerleveling.
    There are children present - please remember that in Guild Chat and on this board.
    Topics such as religion and politics should stay out of guild chat.

    Things new members should know!

    How to get promoted from Recruit to Member:

    Being a recruit is your chance to see if we're a good fit for each other. That won't always be the case - no harm!
    Reaching member status won't take long, and here are the ways to do it:

    - Be social (but not rude or obnoxious) in Guild Chat. Say hello!
    - Participate! Ask for, and offer assistance (crafting, questing, deeds, etc) to your fellow guildmates.
    - Share: There are so many items wasted at the vendor - offer the desired ones to your guildmates first via Guild Chat.
    - Participate on the website by posting and uploading photos.

    Update your Player Note (LOTRO):

    In your Kinship Panel, there is a button to "Update Player Note". On it, please indicate if this is your main character in the kin. (put "Main"). If you bring alts in the kin, put "Alt of (name of main"). If you have a special skill you would like to mentor in, also place it in the note.

    To see other player notes, and get to know everyone's main & alts and what they specialize in, click the little arrow next to the Status column. It toggles between location, join date and player note.

    Update your Player Note (SWTOR):

    In SWTOR, the Officer that recruits you will create your member note (everyone can read). Please be sure to help them get it done - indicate your SWTOR main and if you are a member of BBC LOTRO, what your main toon in LOTRO is named.

    To see other member notes, bring up the Guild Roster and then click 'Details' at the top right. That will launch a new window that includes member notes in one of the columns.

    Leaving the Guild / Removal From the Guild

    If you choose the leave the BBC, we'll be sad to see you go. Please let an Officer know why (and if it's for a negative reason, perhaps we can resolve it!).

    Toons that do not log in for 60+ days are subject to removal from the Kinship. We will extend for an additional amount of time if you update your kin note to indicate your absence and expected return date.

    Toons that do not log in for 30+ days are subject to removal from the Guild. We will extend for an additional amount of time if you leave a note in the forum to indicate your absence and expected return date.

    Any toon removed due to inactivity is always welcome back if they return to active play. Just contact any officer!

    Members who are disrespectful, hurtful, continuously use foul language, or use hate-speech are subject to dismissal. The BBC is a diverse group - please respect that!

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    Hiyde, BBC Founder

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