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Thread: ESO - Looking for a new guild?

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    Default ESO - Looking for a new guild?

    The BBC has been present in The Elder Scrolls Online since launch day. Our core founders in ESO are long time BBC vets from other games. Our guild began in LOTRO in 2008.

    While ESO has had it's challenges in the early months, we LOVE the game and are EXCITED about it's future! We are looking to recruit social and active members who feel the same way!

    As always, we aim to provide a thriving guild, with enough people to do anything we want (but not so bloated that we don't know each other).

    For Elder Scrolls Online, that includes:

    - Scheduled weekly PvP and PvE (as well as random groups any time)
    - Knowledgeable players who've been here since launch and can answer your questions
    - Crafters that can make the best gear for any level.
    - Help with difficult content
    - Guild Store (we are about to launch a sister-guild specifically for high-volume trading)
    - Custom built website with tons of resources to help you with the game, as well as an out-of-game place to ask questions, find crafters to meet your needs, etc.
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