“Wolf cubs from the Hall of Valor tumble into our world, ready to help catalogue knowledge for their masters. They particularly love to howl along to skalds and bards, but they’ll join up with anyone who travels widely. ” —Clever Woman Moritra

The Sovngarde Wolf Pup will be available in the Crown Store on all platforms for a limited time, from November 30 to December 7 at 10am EST.

Removal of Existing Crown Store Items

The following items will be retired from the Crown Store on all platforms on December 7 at 10am EST. (These items will continue to drop in the game after December 7.)


–        Crown Crafting Motif: Anequina

–        Crown Crafting Motif: Coldsnap Goblin

–        Crown Crafting Motif: Dead-Water Style

–        Crown Crafting Motif: Dragonguard

–        Crown Crafting Motif: Elder Argonian

–        Crown Crafting Motif: Honor Guard

–        Crown Crafting Motif: Moongrave Fane

–        Crown Crafting Motif: New Moon Priest

–        Crown Crafting Motif: Pellitine

–        Crown Crafting Motif: Shield of Senchal

–        Crown Crafting Motif: Stags of Z’en

–        Crown Crafting Motif: Sunspire Style

The Reach is a wild and dangerous place, but the above gear, pets, mounts, and more may help you in your journeys into Skyrim’s dark heart—at the very least, you’ll walk the stone walls of Markarth in style! Even if you’d prefer to stay within the safe confines of your abode, plenty of new furnishings and houseguests in November’s Crown Store are sure to liven up your home.

Review everything currently available on the Crown Store page, and don’t forget that you can acquire crowns from the Buy Crowns page.

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