Become an Apex Predator

Releasing free as part of the Update 26 base-game patch, Vampires have undergone a major re-vamp, dramatically changing how those inflicted with the curse play. This begins with an overhaul of the monstrous Skill Line.

“The Vampire Skill Line has not seen significant changes since its inception, beyond some minor combat balancing tweaks,” explains Kyle Nowak, the Combat Designer behind the update. “Given the timing of this Chapter and the feedback we’ve seen from players over the years, it felt like the right moment.”

As a result, the team made dramatic changes and additions to the Skill Line, including the creation of brand new abilities and either replacing or updating existing ones. The goal of the redesign was to make Vampires more active and engaging when in battle.

“For the combat, we used a set of clearly defined gameplay concepts to help describe the experience and the ability synergies we wanted to create. With the main themes being Blood Magic, hit-and-run aggressiveness, and stealth and elusiveness.”

For example, one of the new synergies that reflects the “Blood Magic” theme are the first two abilities, called Eviscerate and Blood Frenzy. “Eviscerate is a straightforward spammable that deals more damage based on your own missing Health, while Blood Frenzy is a toggle ability that drains your own Health in exchange for increased Weapon and Spell Damage. Both abilities synergize perfectly with each other, and using them both in tandem is a key part of the Vampire’s offensive output.”

In addition to powerful synergies like the above, Vampires also have a brand-new ultimate ability, called Blood Scion, which transforms your character into a monstrous beast. While in this form, you’ll enjoy boosts to your Health, Stamina, and Magicka pools, have the ability to heal yourself when dealing damage, and see your enemies through walls. None shall escape your wrath!