The imposing Castle Thorn

Once again, the local populace from the surrounding regions have begun to disappear, and all signs point to Lady Thorn’s great fortress. However, as this new threat emerges, so do those willing to stand in its way, including House Ravenwatch.

“House Ravenwatch is a Vampire house from Rivenspire that has dedicated itself to undoing the evils of Vampirism in the world,” explains Finnigan. “They are vampires themselves, but they believe they can coexist with humans.”

In particular, Gwendis (returning from the ESO base game) will join you to storm the fortress of the undead, uncover what the Thorn scion is planning, and put a stop to it before her new army can march on Skyrim.

“Gwendis is ever the optimist, and she takes the teachings of House Ravenwatch very seriously, so when she captured one of Lady Thorn’s scouts, she knew she had to act and had the scout lead her to Castle Thorn. That first part was easy, but what comes next is the hard part, and she needs your help.”

Attack on the Castle

While certainly bold, a frontal assault on this gigantic castle is no small task, since an army of vampiric beasts guards the citadel, including members of the Thorn Legion, skeletal monsters, bloodfiends, and worse still.

“Lady Thorn has been building her forces for centuries, and she has utilized any and all means to create a powerful Vampire army. From traveling to Elsweyr and infecting Senche-rahts, to binding a servant of the Daedric Prince Nocturnal to augment her soldiers further, she seeks to enhance her followers, no matter the cost.”