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Thanks for being a member of The BBC!

Being in the two most expensive trading hubs means we need everyone's support to cover costs.
While we do not have fees or minimums, our average cost per member is around 30,000G a week.


30 Day Guild Contribution Rankings:

Bleakrock Barter Co (BBC1)

Blackbriar Barter Co (BBC2)


View Raffle Tickets:

Bleakrock Barter Co (BBC1)

Blackbriar Barter Co (BBC2)


What triggers a removal review?

- 7+ Days since last login (without a player note with return date)

- Being in the bottom 5%(ish) in total contributions


What contributions add to my score?

- Sales Tax

- Purchases Tax

- Raffle Tickets

- Auction item donations

- Winning Auction Bids

- Gold deposited to Guild Bank