BBC-Recommended Addons for Traders

Looking to make lots of gold to support your Housing habit?  Crafting habit?  Skooma & Concubines habit?  Here are the must-have addons to help you get rich in Elder Scrolls Online!


When it comes to ESO trading, the arrival of MM was a game changer (ha!).  From up-to-date item pricing info to deep reporting including Top Sellers, Top Buyers, Top Items and searchable transaction history for you and your trade guild(s).  Hit up the Tutorials section of our site to learn more about Master Merchant.

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AGS transmorgifies the Guild Kiosk interface into what it always should have been.  Saved searches, sort by best deals, item types, sub-types, item quality and much more.  Gets even more powerful if you’re also running Master Merchant.

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The words “PC Master Race” have never applied more.  If you regularly do Writs and you aren’t running Lazy Writ Crafter, you are needlessly living in a Console (third) world.  LWC completely automates the process of crafting Writs.  Engage a crafting station and away it goes!  It’ll even pull needed items for Consumables writs from your banker (and automatically dismiss if you’d like).  Be sure to take a trip through the LWC Addon settings to tailor it’s behavior to your preferences.

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What Lazy Writ Crafter is to regular writs, Writ-Worthy is to Master writs.  Bring up the WW interface and it’ll automatically list out all Master Writs in your inventory (not bank).  Select the writs you want to complete (or select all), sort the list by crafting station and in one trip around the BBC Craftwalk, all your Master Writs are done!  WW also gives helpful stats on the screen such as crafting costs, total vouchers earned and more.

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When @ziggr finished making Writ Worthy, he must have thought to himself:  “Stupid easy just isn’t enough…” and came up with this handy little addon.  Install HSM and when you queue up a list of Master Writs in Writ Worthy, it’ll place an icon over every crafting station you need to visit
(Note:  Unless you’re an officer or the owner of the home, you’ll need to visit each station once for HSM to “learn” them.  Or, sweet-talk the homeowner into upgrading your access for a minute so you can autoscan in one shot). 

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When HarvestMap launched, its core function was to remember every crafting node you’ve found by placing pins on your map & compass.  It’s evolved quite a bit since then, with features like Heatmaps, “3D Pins” on the landscape, ability to load in all nodes in the game and my personal favorite:  only displaying the pin if the node is present.  A Mat Farmers (Wet) Dream!

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