We’re always looking for popular items to sell in our auctions.  Contributing auction items is a great way to help the guild *and* raise your BBC Ranking Score! 

Below, there’s a list of items that sell well in our auctions.
If you aren’t sure about an item, reach out to @MtnDncr (Blackbriar), @Hiyde (Bleakrock)


Bleakrock:  Mail to @BBC1Auctions
Blackbriar:  Mail to @BBC2Auctions


  • Anything that goes into a craft bag, in any quantity!
  • Anything that can be stacked to a value of at least 10,000G
    (i.e. you send two Psijic Ambrosias, total value 8k.  We can add more to get it over 10k.)
  • Single (Unstackable) items must be worth at least 10,000G.

  • Crowns!  (1,500+ suggested)
  • UNrefined Ore, Silk, Leather, Dust, Wood (any level)
  • Refined Ore, Silk, Leather, Dust, Woods (CP150)
  • Alchemy Mats
  • Tri-Stat Potions (CP150)
  • High-Value Food (CP150 or Scalable)
  • Purple & Gold Boosters (Dreugh Wax, Mastic, etc)
  • Any color of Jewelry Plating or Grains
  • Any type of Ambrosia
  • Furnishing recipes worth 10K+
  • Furnishing Mats (Mundane Rune, Decorative Wax, etc)
  • Luxury Furniture (and notable crafted furniture)
  • Valuable Motifs (10K+)
  • Regular or Attunable Craft Stations 
  • Transmute Stations
  • Valuable Trait/Style items (i.e. Gilding Wax, Culanda Lacquer, Aurbic Amber etc.)