The Craft constellation group

These special stars allow for a greater amount of flexibility and variance between builds and help to make your choices truly meaningful.

“The champion bar enables us to help control vertical power by allowing only certain amounts of stars to be slotted and controls how many passives are active on your character,” notes Wheeler. “Because you can have only four slotted stars from each constellation, you have to pick what you slot. This gives the new system a different feel from the old one, as you just don’t get all the benefits without real choices or drawbacks. This follows the same philosophy of building your ‘deck’ similar to your ability bar and equipment slots.”

Just like the gear you wear or the abilities you wield, the choices you make in the Champion System will define how your character plays, not just their overall power level.

Perfect Your Build

With all these changes to the Champion System, the team also decided to update the Character page so that you can now view your character’s advanced stats. If you’re a “min-maxer” or just want to get a better idea as to how your choices have altered certain stats like Block Cost or Fire Resistance, this update will help you measure your granular changes. 

“With the amount of expanded choice in the new system, it was a great opportunity to also look at how we present combat stats,” explains Weir. “A good number of key stats have been missing, as well as some other niche ones, so we decided to create an additional view for stats to accommodate them. This should help paint a clearer picture of how your character’s combat potency is changing when you make different build choices.”

Thanks to these changes to your Character page, you can perfect your build and see how every choice you make is reflected in your power levels.

Change Is in the Stars

With this free update to the Champion System, you can truly customize your characters’ playstyles, whether you’re a hardcore PvPer, a master crafter, or a lone wolf exploring Tamriel’s depths. How you spend your Champion Points will be more impactful than ever before, creating new build and playstyle opportunities as you increase your Champion level. How will you customize your builds with the new Champion System? Let us know via TwitterInstagram, and Facebook!

The free Update 29 base-game patch arrives in tandem with the Flames of Ambition DLC this March 8 for PC/Mac and Stadia*, and March 16 for Xbox One and PlayStation®4.

*Available only in limited territories.